Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

When you’ve been hurt in an accident, you will need the help of an experienced attorney, with years of experience helping such victims. They should have enough compassion to understand what you’re going through. In addition, they should have enough passion to be available for you at all times. You may have questions about the value of your case, and how long it will take to receive your compensation. A lawyer who knows the law will not try to dodge your questions. Instead, they will provide you with a simple, straight answer about what you can expect, from start to finish. There are many expenses you are concerned about. You have lost income, you have property damage, and medical bills, and all of these should be discussed with that attorney. You need someone that cares about you so you can get back on your feet.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding is the number one contributing factor in car accidents. When someone speeds, it’s harder to control their vehicle. If you have ever driven a car, you are probably aware of this fact. The faster you go, the more difficult it becomes to control your car, and the more difficult it is to react to external forces and surprises. For this reason, we have to emphasize the importance of respecting the speed limit posted on the streets.

We suggest that you pay little or no attention to advertising techniques, like lawyers that claim they were featured in some magazine or TV show. Most of the time, such magazines feature the lawyers because of financial reasons. There is no research done as far as client satisfaction. Also, never trust a lawyer that charges upfront fees. In personal injury, that is very rare. Most lawyers will review your case and if they feel that you have a good case, they will take it without charging upfront fees. That means the law firm will pay all your expenses until they recover money for you, and then they will take their fees. If someone has another fee structure, you should say that you appreciate their time and start looking for another lawyer. However, paid consultations are not that unheard of. Many people in this field will offer free consultations. You can give them a call and describe your situation, with as much detail as possible. But a Los Angeles car crash lawyer mentions on their website that it is also possible that they will charge their normal hourly fee. It really depends on the circumstances. If that does happen and you can afford it, then you can go ahead with it. It’s not too weird and more and more people are doing it this way.

After a car accident, you should follow four steps.

  • Get medical assistance - No matter how minor your injuries may appear at first, you should definitely see a doctor. There are certain symptoms that may not appear for weeks, and getting medical help can diagnose such issues early on, and even prevent some issues.
  • Start gathering evidence – You should try to write down everything you can remember about your car accident because as time passes, the important details will start to disappear in your mind. If you have a camera, you should take pictures of the scene of the crash. Also, write down witness information like their names and phone numbers. Ask them if they would be willing to testify for you.
  • Keep good track of your expenses – Using an excel spreadsheet, or a simple piece of paper, write down all your expenses. This includes medical bills, rental car expenses, mileage for traveling to your doctor, and lost income due to being unable to work.
  • Hire a car accident lawyer – Hire a Los Angeles car accident lawyer who isn’t afraid to stand up for your rights and get the money that you are owed.